the Image of the Silk Road - Tianshui Photography Biennale

Mary Somerville, Lewis Hine and me 玛丽·萨默维尔, 刘易斯·海因和我

Angela Kelly

Mary Somerville, Lewis Hine and me
The idea of representation, of who photographs who and for what purpose, would come to dominate my photographic practice. Central to this practice was the idea of exploring female culture, the domestic and community while acknowledging the limits and the power of the document. My practice has evolved to explore larger questions of identity and history in relation to place. This series pays homage to Lewis Hine for his compassionate work on child labor. It is work made in admiration of my mother, Mary Somerville Kelly, who started her first job in a Belfast linen mill on her 14th birthday, and for all children today around the world who face inequity, and injustice; denied the right to a childhood and an education.

Dimanche, 2016, juin 12