The Image of the Silk Road - Tianshui Photography Biennale

苏菲的高原 Ten years of the plateau of Sufei

Liu Jinxun

Most of these photos were taken ten years ago and they are about ethnic spiritual belief and the personal ideal of photography.
Ten years ago, I though it was the end. Ten years later, I understand this is the starting point. Ten years later when I browsed though the photos of the past, I choose some that had been ignored by me then. The people recorded in the pictures are coping with their survival and death ten years ago. But ten years later, some of them have ended their survival or have passed away.
Ten years have passed while the villagers disappear because of continuous migration. More silent scenes have been left on this dry land. While beholding it, I believe that the scenery of the world is lonely but not sentimental. Only silence gives prominence to freedom.
Ten years have passed. The fairy tales of early summer have evolved into the stillness of winter. The warmth of that land still tenaciously exudes from its faded emaciation. You are as silent as I have heard from you the first time. The landscape is still the same. I am still as young as when you met me for the first time. I would like to, by means of these photos, show my respects to Mr. Zhang Chengzhi who led me to this sea of faith as well as Mr. Wang Zheng who has been enlightening me on my works all along.
April 2016, Lanzhou

Dimanche, 2016, juin 12