The Image of the Silk Road - Tianshui Photography Biennale

The west of northwest China 西北偏西

Wu Pingguan

What I have recorded in my photographs is about the living conditions of the majority of the people in West China.
The continuous shooting of these photos last more than twenty years. After being at a loss at the contradictions between my sentiments and the realities for a while, I finally understand real images are most forceful. Reality and time will make the photos more meaningful, and that is exactly what makes documentary photography so attractive. I can hardly forget those small and great figures. Although some of them have died and some no longer live as they used to, they will be recorded in history and their images will last forever. When their tears were flicked away by the northwest wind, the moments have been embedded in our memories. For these people, maybe the images mean nothing, and bread and milk is of urgent need, but these touching moments are of great importance for history.

Dimanche, 2016, juin 12