The Image of the Silk Road - Tianshui Photography Biennale


Zhang Xiaoming

I grew up in Shannxi, a lot of my activities took place in this northwest area, generally I’m familiar with the places and people in this area. Sometimes new ideas come from new place, when I come to a new place , I was wondering whats on the other side of the mountain ? Is there any place to have fun on the other side of the river? This kind of ideas inspired me to explore, to take photos.
Since 2005, I started to record the life scene during the trip in Shannxi and along the northwest. I went to the places which are totally different from where I live on every trip, everything is fresh and some of them touched me, I’d like to blend in and get to know them gradually in my own way. I like to shoot casually without any plan for the “object”, I make photos when I feel it. On the way, I may encounter some special people and I often see my shadow in them, I found that’s very interesting. To me, photography is practice and experience. I felt its more like diary than novelty seeking, photos become a part of memory. The places I went are like small stages, I enjoy the charming presented by them.

Dimanche, 2016, juin 12