L'art au cœur de la ville | Arles, un été 2020


Isabelle Aubin, president of Arles Contemporain, the association of permanent contemporary art galleries in Arles which was created in 2013, welcomes and coordinates the programme of all the city's exhibition venues offering a programme for the summer of 2020, whether permanent or ephemeral.

Galleries, institutions, artists' studios and ephemeral venues are ready to welcome you for a sparkling summer in Arles!

There are more than 60 places to visit in the freshness of old stones and Arlesian heritage where contemporary art, photography, installations and performances will punctuate the summer season.

Isabelle Aubin and all these places promise that for the summer of 2020, in Arles, the summer will be hot!

"Who has no coat of arms, wears a lion" reminds the president of Contemporary Arles, according to the 12th century adage, but our Arles lion revisited for this summer wears a flamingo, and upside down... a beautiful encounter!

Because, she emphasises: he has power and strength, but his feathered ally weaves lasting social bonds, essential for the survival of his community. Wearing the brightest plumage, flamingos gather, gather and help each other, ready for flight.​​​​​​​

All the more so because in this already fragile sector of creation, there is a danger that artists could become invisible in these times of crisis, despite the fact that they play an essential role in our society.

Rich in this commitment, the elected representatives and the cultural affairs department of the City of Arles are today more than ever supporting the creators, by supporting Arles Contemporain.

All the actors of the city, the hoteliers, the Tourist Office....follow suit so that this promise of wild sensibilities will make the summer of 2020 shine.

Marie d'Andrimont

À Arles, l'art est au cœur de la ville
La ville de la culture is alive and kicking avec 60 lieux d'expositions et des évènements tout l'été, du 26 juin au 6 septembre 2020
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