Vincent Catala

Born on 29 October 1975 in Paris.
Self-taught photographer represented by Agence VU’, Vincent moved to Brazil in 2012 (in Rio de Janeiro until 2018, in São Paulo since then).
There, he developed a personal work that gave rise to various publications and exhibits. Sensitive to approaches over time, he focuses on specific territories, both very clear and also fuzzy, offering a specific representation of the world, where the idea of universality comes to life through encounters and a given geography.
In France, Vincent carried out public commissions related to urban planning and architecture for a long time (Paris airports, Ministère de la Défense....). Since moving to Brazil, he also collaborates with the French and international press (Le Monde et M, Télérama, National Geographic, Sunday Times Magazine, Spiegel, Monocle...).
His work gave rise to various publications (Revista Zum, Fisheye, Connaissance des Arts...) and exhibits in Paris, Amman, Rio de Janeiro. The Galerie VU’ presented the series « Rio, Ville Invisible » during the 2017 edition of Paris Photo. This work is currently being published in the Revista ZUM n°17 (half-yearly) of the Instituto Moreira Salles (São Paulo) with a text from the writer João Paulo Cuenca.

(Source Fondation HSBC pour la photographie)