Puisqu’il fallait tout repenser

Today we are living in a period of unprecedented pandemic. A strange time that questions the very concept of humanity. Everything can be rethought. Feminist theory and practice are rhizomic and also address the questions of the after; a theory of affect and the body, of public affairs, of the transformation of social relations, but also the basis of an observatory for a new economic policy of the living. A feminism that joins the deep questioning of the current consequences of globalised capitalism and emerges to observe the notions of community, the collapse of anthropocentric models and human exceptionalism. We want to rethink, with a careful eye, the underlying meanings of works created in different contexts. Each object, each photograph, each film presented in this exhibition creates a magnetic field that comes into contact with everything that approaches it. Each work provides material from which to rethink the possible forms of the world.
With the support of the French Institute of Argentina, the Argentinean Embassy in France, the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Trade Unions.