Jonas Kamm

The series Les Habitants is the result of a hybrid production process, at the crossroads of architecture, sculpture and photography. These images - two-dimensional renderings from virtual 3D space - originate in a space initially modelled by the artist using computer software. Kamm then sculpts figures using virtual tools and a texture that he has first 'picked up' photographically from his physical environment. Once the figures have been created, the program, which imitates the tools of photography, allows the artist to choose an angle and, from an almost unlimited range of possibilities, to adjust his light sources, his focal length, his aperture, etc. Kamm's vaguely anthropomorphic figures are like mediators floating between the real and the dematerialized world. The reduction that characterizes these images, the undecidability of their status, make them the vectors of unformed narratives, the bearers of a potential but still imprecise, mysterious meaning, opening a space that we are invited to fill.