Massao Mascaro

Sub Sole (from Latin: under the sun) is a photographic work carried out from 2017 to 2020 around the Mediterranean Sea following the mythological itinerary of Ulysses' journey: Ceuta, Naples, Athens, Palermo, Istanbul, Tunis and Lampedusa. A crossroads of cultures, the cradle of founding myths, the Mediterranean region is, today more than ever, marked by migrations, exile and displacement. In the course of seven journeys and numerous chance encounters, Mascaro meets the youth who live in and pass through this region. The literary narratives that have nourished the artist are the invisible companions of the photographs. They impregnate the contemporary images with their ancient sources. Political, economic, existential and poetic issues intersect under the sun; under the hard and warm light of the Mediterranean that imprints its rhythm on human lives.