Almudena Romero

In recent years we have seen a growing interest in the materiality of photography. With her project The Pigment Change, Almudena Romero, winner of the 2020 BMW Residency, relies on an ecological awareness and on the use of plant materials that refer to an aesthetic of fragility, even disappearance. This project, in four series, Faire une photo, Family Album, Offspring and The Act of Producing, imposes a new "artistic" use of the present time, an advocacy of sustainability. The Pigment Change is a consequence of the intrinsic qualities of the plant, and in particular its exposure to light and particular wavelengths. The result of this experimentation takes the form of image-objects, photographic moments that explore an expansive sense of the medium. In this, the use of plant material challenges the notion of progress, a consequence of the knowledge accumulated by the flow of images.