Chow & Lin

Poverty Line analyses, through the prism of food, the daily choices faced when living on a poverty line income. Over the past ten years, artists Chow & Lin have travelled 200,000 kilometres to create case studies across 36 countries and territories on six continents. The project uses a typological format inspired by the Bechers' approach. The uniform dimensions of the works invite close observation, while at the same time calling for meaning to be drawn from the whole. Taken in isolation, each dramatically lit food portrait seems to underline the existential dimension of a diet of bananas, scattered grains of rice or a chicken leg. Poverty Line is a dialogue in construction, questioning our understanding of poverty and inequality. Across cultures and economic systems, the project confronts the audience with objective and rational observations of our own condition as it relates to the fragile balance of structures.
Avec le soutien du National Arts Council de Singapour.