Enrique Ramírez

In 2020, the École nationale supérieure de la photographie hosted a residency for Enrique Ramírez, whose installations blur the boundaries between video, photography, objects, texts and music. In all of his work, the sea is the place of instability par excellence: a memorial territory in perpetual movement, a space of narrative projections where the destiny of Chile and the great narratives of history linked to voyages, conquests and migratory flows intertwine. The exhibition presents a selection of works enriched by a new eponymous piece, co-created with seven students from the school. This work is the result of a work of poetic rewriting based on an epistolary exchange maintained by the students with a hundred or so inhabitants of Arles during the second confinement. By borrowing written words and summoned images, it takes the form of a visual and narrative reconstitution, both poetic and political, about the imaginary spaces that inhabit memory, desire and experience.