Ilaria Turba

Ilaria Turba's exhibition was inspired by three years of work carried out at the invitation of the Zef-Scène nationale de Marseille. She links the desire with the view and the search for new horizons. For the artist, this feeling speaks of a collective desire for change, in a moment of global crisis, which passes through the individual and his ability to orient himself differently in his daily life. Ilaria Turba has collected interviews with inhabitants and users of the northern districts of Marseille. She leaves a lot of room for the participants to imagine their own desires to look far. Two methods are used to conduct these interviews: during workshops or through spontaneous encounters arising from her exploration of the territories. The material from these recordings is transformed into images, drawings, objects, installations and performances.
16 June - 27 September
Exhibition accessible on presentation of the Rencontres d'Arles 2021 pass.