She lives and works in Aubervilliers, a suburb of Paris, France. After a residency at the Guangdong Museum of Art in 2004, she produces the animated film « Where are you going ? » that will take her to many festival and art events like « L’oeil sur les rues » at la Villette or in 2015 at Villissima exhibition in Toulon.
Today, animation films is a large part of her artistic work and several of her recent production have been selected in major festival like in Lyon, france (les Inattendus) or at the International Animation Film Festival in Meknes, Morocco, the N-Minutes Video Art Festival in Shanghai, traverse vidéo of Toulouse, instants vidéo in Marseille, animation film festival in Bruz , festival of cortos in Bogota, Columbia etc.

« This animated cartoon is affected by a hazardous naration especialy when combined with the drawings/paintings. Flexibility is at the heart of its logical rule, why should we hinder the story’s right to have its own form ruled by the pleasure/desire of its own flow? »
Although this quote is about another of Sylvie’s film, I thought it might throw some light on her way of working. But another facet of Sylvie’s work is the handcrafting of her work. In this age of computer generated media, art and connection, she came for a residency in Tianshui, she photographed, filmed but above all experienced and felt this city through the filter of her art. Then, once home, she prints, paint cut and animates thousands of images to form a « monument » that we have a hard time calling a film. The pleasure of watching Sylvie’s work is that we are frustated

Event date: 
juin 12, 2016