I climbed a steep path. A small room with a low ceiling, sitting at the end of the path.
This is where he was.
I remember the man who turned his back on the world to stand in front of God as a whole person. Silent light was pouring into the small window at the tip of a tall cliff. I sat and closed my eyes.
After an uncountable amount of time passed,
My fear of this unknown place evaporated, and the empty space was filled with a joy of uncertain origin. Between strangely shaped rocks, myself and what is not myself, and things that are in between danced amongst themselves, rising as butterflies.
Cappadocia is a middle point on the Silk Road, a place for merchants and traders who brought the East
and the West together. During the fledgling years of Christianity, believers fleeing from Roman persecution flocked to this important region to find refuge. Cappadocia still hosts thousands of cave monasteries that were built on the cliff walls

Event date: 
juin 12, 2016