Another silk road 另一条丝路

The sequence of photographs assembled for this exhibition celebrates the Silk Road along a contemporary course as an extension of this road, Istanbul to Vienna. In reality, once arrived in Istanbul or Antioch, exotic goods were really taking this path, as witnessed by the persistence of signs left in these parts by the incessant cultural churning caused by the passage of these caravans. Constantza - on the Black Sea, with its minarets and its neo-classical Palace - via Bucharest and his anthology of styles and flavors, then by the formidable relay of the Danube plain, crossing the Carpathians to arrive at Timisoara - a Mitteleuropa where the Eastern tradition and the Mediterranean share the influence - to continue to Oradea, a small Vienna with Levantine accents subsequently reaching Prague and arrive finally at the real Vienna

Event date: 
juin 12, 2016