The silent shuoduogang river 静静的硕多岗河

I was brought up on this beautiful and miraculous land and spent my juvenile years there, until I joined the army. After released from military service, I came back to my homeland. As time passes by and I am always busy away with work, it is hard for me to manage the time to go back to my hometown. But my heart is attached to this land where I was nurtured, to my brothers and sisters, to my fellow countrymen and to the unforgettable years of that time.
After two years when I finished the journey of my heart with these photographs, my heart was cleaned once again by those thrilling scenes, for they seem to have vaguely taken me to my childhood and impressed me deeply more than ever of the great Chinese nation. And I am proud for being a Chinese. The silent Shuoduogang River has been flowing for tens of thousands years. Although time and the era are changing, the people of this land will live and multiply for ever.
Best wishes for my hometown, my brothers and sisters and my fellow countrymen!

Event date: 
juin 12, 2016